Our Staff

Senior Pastor

Pastor Gene & Sister Connie Berrios

Pastor Gene & Sister Connie Berrios gave their lives to the Lord in 1983 and have been pastoring for over 35 years. They were sent to the city of East Chicago in 1991 with one purpose in mind- to save souls and win the world for Jesus. They started the ministry with their family of 5 as a home Bible Study and began to diligently work the land with outreach, prayer and fasting. God brought growth to the ministry and they were blessed with a building of their own in 1999.

Throughout the years, they have remained steadfast and determined to fulfill the call of God in their lives. The fundamental principles they were taught are still their foundation today as they lead by Christ’s example, raising disciples and planting churches.

Pastor Gene oversees 9 churches that are located in Indiana, California and Illinois. Just as God’s mission has not changed, neither has the vision or hearts of our Pastor Gene and Sister Connie. They continue to go into the highways and byways sharing the love of God and imparting His wisdom, guidance and grace to His people.

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Victor & Sister Sara Ortiz

After receiving a flyer on their doorstep 22 years ago, a young couple decided to check out a little church in East Chicago, Indiana. They came in that first night and their lives were forever changed. Our Assistant Pastor Victor and Sister Sara Ortiz gave their lives to the Lord during that service and since then have been sharing the love of God and shining a light to all who meet them. Today, they serve as leaders in several ministries including the Worship Team and Sunday Children’s class. Like our Senior Pastors, Pastor Victor and Sister Sara have a tremendous heart for people and continue to demonstrate the selfless love of Jesus to all who come in. Together, they are teachers, givers, servers, leaders and a blessing to our ministry.

Leadership Team

Pastor Ruben & Sister Charmine Gonzalez

Since Entering the ministry over 18 years ago, Pastor Ruben and Sister Charmine Gonzalez have traveled to several cities in the Midwest outreaching and bringing souls to Jesus. Their love for God is continuously poured out to others through their teachings, service and example-ship. They are living testimonies of what God can do when you give Him your whole heart and lives. They are a tremendous blessing to our ministry and are dynamic leaders.

Leadership Team

Brother Oscar Gonzalez

Brother Oscar has been part of the Lighthouse Leadership Team for over 10 years. He oversees several ministries including the Ushers and Bible Study teachers. He provides the training and development of men to equip them for the ministries. He also teaches a Royal Ranger class and serves on the Board of Directors for the church. He is also a tremendous blessing to our ministry.