A Message and Invitation from Pastor Gene Berrios & his wife, Connie Berrios
Welcome to the website for Lighthouse Christian Fellowship of East Chicago, Indiana located at 3717 Grand Blvd. We are an
ever-growing fellowship comprised of diverse ages, ethnicities, employment backgrounds, and life experiences which
unequivocally serves to empower us to play an active and diverse role in the community as we strive to meet and, at times,
exceed the needs of those we serve.
Together, in partnership with New Hope Ministries, we robustly engage communities
with the love of Jesus Christ, not only in an effort to make known the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, but also to
encourage the exploration of Jesus Christ for themselves. Worship services, bible studies, and conferences are just some of
the tools available at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship and its partner - New Hope Ministries, for the purpose of preparing
tomorrow's leaders for church planting and vigorously reaching the world spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The slogan for Lighthouse Christian Fellowship of East Chicago, Indiana is
"Bringing the Light of Jesus into a Dark
Given that motto, our entire fellowship firmly operates in the redemptive vision that individuals, communities, and the
world can find healing, wholeness, and Christ regardless if one or many may feel messed up beyond reconciliation.
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship and New Hope Ministries constantly strive to convey a message to all who would hear - "they
are loved more than they ever will know from a Savior who bleeds for them too."

Come explore Jesus Christ and His message for yourself by attending an "on-fire" praise and worship service, a bible study,
or a church social function (i.e. Picnic, Holiday luncheons or dinners, etc). It is our hope, like many in the fellowship have
realized, that in exploration of Jesus Christ and His message, encouragement and edification were found. Soon thereafter,
empowerment was not just an experience, but a life style. But in the end, everyone who embarked on the exploration journey
of Jesus Christ realizes that Jesus was not what they expected but all they had hoped for. We hope to meet with you soon
and get you started on your journey.
Pastor Gene Berrios &
his Wife, Connie Berrios
Pastor Gene Berrios
Coming Soon! Excerpts from the monthly Empowering Women Seminars
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events OR last minute additions of special events.
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship of East Chicago, Indiana
3717 Grand Boulevard, East Chicago, Indiana 46312-2229        (219) 398-2105

Bringing the Light of Jesus into a dark world
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship of East Chicago Indiana
Pastor Gene Berrios and his wife, Connie Berrios
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, 3717 Grand Boulevard, East Chicago, Indiana 46312-2229
(219) 398-2105
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